This is not a Kowangan

For my 2016 Masters of Cultural Materials Conservation minor thesis, This is not a Kowangan: a case study in community collaboration as conservation, I explored how the significance of this rare Javanese musical instrument is better… More

Crazed Puppets

Golden Ray puppet theatre (金光布袋戲) evolved from the reinvention of China’s 2000-year-old puppet theatre traditions in 1950s Taiwan. Blockades with Mainland China cut off puppeteers off from the long-established exchanges of expertise and refinement of… More


In March and early April 2017, I joined the organising committee for the 5th Asia-Pacific Tropical Climate Conservation Art Network Event on Bohol Island in the Philippines. With a focus on natural disasters, the three-day event… More

2017 Asialink Arts Residency

In 2017, I will be spending much of the year at the Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. This is an Asialink Arts Residency Project supported by Creative Victoria, and I am so… More